Atheists Helping the Homeless

On Sundays, homeless folks gather under I-35 at 7th Street in downtown Austin, for a little help. Several church groups go there on Sundays for a day-long series of sporatic giveaways of food, clothing, etc., and to dish out a heaping helping of preaching and religious music.

We wanted to help, but without adding to the preaching, so instead of donating to a religious help group working there, we decided to start our own help group. A totally secular approach, and an effort to fill a need that we saw wasn't being addressed enough: Toiletries and more, under the freeway - without the preaching.

For over a year now, it's worked, and we've helped over 1,500 homeless folks so far.

You also interested to help homeless people and want to know how to help?

News and Upcoming Events:

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